Grzegorz Chrupała

I am an assistant professor at the at the Tilburg University.

My research is focused on computational language learning. In my recent work I have been investigating learning of linguistic representations.

I received my PhD from the School of Computing at Dublin City University. After that I worked as a researcher at the Spoken Language Systems group at Saarland University.

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Morfette is used by many people for morphological analysis. SemiNER is also popular for named entity tagging in German. Elephant provides models for word and sentence segmentation for English, Dutch and Italian. RelationFactory implements a state-of-the-art relation extraction and knowledge base population pipeline. Many of the other packages are quite specialized and are of interest mostly if you are a researcher working on similar problems as myself.

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Grzegorz Chrupała
Communication and Information Sciences
Tilburg University
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Twitter: @gchrupala
Phone: +31 13 466 3106